Euthanasia is a terribly difficult decision to face for one of your furry family members. While some pets seem fairly comfortable with the vet clinic environment, many others are very anxious about the smells, sounds, and feel of the relatively sterile setting. Helping them to transition in the comfort of their home surroundings is a wonderful gift –a very special thank you for all the unconditional love they have given throughout their lifetime.

As this is understandably an emotional time, the privacy of the home visit allows for a more comfortable grieving process. Saying goodbye at home is a much more personal experience; some people will read poems, play music, recount stories, have prayers, or use any number of other creative ways to celebrate the life of their animal.

The home option also allows any other pets in the household to experience and process the passing in their own way and helps to avoid confusion when their friend disappears and does not return. Additionally, arrangements for aftercare can easily be facilitated from the home.The seamless process will allow your family to focus on supporting one another and to avoid worrying about the details afterward.